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The excitement of Vincy Mas is what the 40th anniversary of Vincy Mas promotional poster shows.


This year, the poster was designed by local artist Calvert Jones.


The poster which shows the Vincy Mas 2017 date June 30th to July 11th also has the number 40 written on it in relation to the 40th anniversary celebration of the move of Vincy Mas from a pre-Lenten event to a June/July festival.


The poster also buy propecia paypal shows Soca Monarch 2016 Shane “Hypa 4000” Husbands, Ateshia Lockhart’s portrayal of Hitz Fm 103.7 Owen Ralph and the professionals Queen of the Band (Pan-Musical Instrument of the Caribbean) and female masquerades.


“The poster reflects the excitement of Vincy Mas with Hypa 4000 and the big costume and the girls having fun and it basically reflects the elements which are most anticipated for Vincy Mas.


At the same time and the way everything comes together reflects the kind of energy that we need to communicate to the audience and I think that all of those elements came together nicely”, says Jones of his design.