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Mason – Somebody Wife


Every Season bears its own fruit – as with Carnival across the caribbean many songwriters and producers align for the common goal of expressing the many facets of festivity. This project birthed from the studio of Karbon Jamz came as an instant winner to the production of house Kubiyashi; The added injection to infuse more creative energy on the project proved fruitful to satisfaction of both producers. A cocktail of voices, sounds, personalities and an explosion of vibes, the Almanac Riddim features popular local and international artistes.

The Almanac Riddim is a sweet and pleasurable introduction to Carnival 2018, preparing the way for all we have in store for Vincy Mas. Mason is ready to be arrested in the name of love committing the act of wifely grand larceny! Nobody can express it or deliver it the way Mason Made does it. This song is an instant winner!


Performed By: Mason

Produced By: Karbon Jamz, Kubiyashi

Written By: Roshik Mason

Back Vocals: Kemuel Stapleton, Roshik Mason

Mixed & Mastered by: Scratchmaster

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