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Shenton Coffee Farms Miss SVG Empowerment Campaign 2018


After the annual Sashing Cocktail and Media Launch where all seven of the Miss SVG 2018 contestants were sashed for the first time by their respective sponsors, the Shenton Coffee Farms Empowerment Campaign, sponsored by its name sake, got off to a busy start with the campaign’s yearly visits to schools where the contestants were welcomed to address students within the scheduled school tour week coordinator of the Beauty Shows Committee, La Ferne Fraser, expressed that the partnership with Shenton Coffee Farms in SVG could not be more fitting this year as the company is paving a lucrative path to financial independence for coffee farmers, many of whom are women, and is poised to engender even more national pride, through locally grown, superb quality coffee.

The first stop of the empowerment tour was to the Girls’ High School, just two days after the ladies were announced to the public as delegates.  On Tuesday, this leg of the tour took the contestants to the SVGCC’s Division of Technical and Vocational Education, then on to the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua.   Rounding off the school visits, presentations were made to the student bodies at the Bethel High School, followed by those at the SVGCC’s Villa campus divisions.

The Miss SVG Pageant, in 2017, adopted a mandate to be a source of empowerment for contestants, as well as to actively engage participants in the act of empowering others, with high hopes for a domino effect in the Vincentian Society. The yearly empowerment campaign features contestants in the pageant delivering sincere messages focusing on a variety of issues which they have each chosen to highlight as reflecting a need for positive change. From radio, school, television, and community tours in 2018, their advocacy for persons recognizing the talents, abilities, and strength in others and in ourselves is sure to have a strong impact.

Vincentians can continue to look forward to the Shenton Coffee Farms Empowerment Campaign with the following main objectives as selected by the contestants this year:

  • Miss Flow- Solange Fernandez seeks to inspire youth entrepreneurship.
  • Miss Vincentian Chocolate- Cameisha Foster sends a message of overcoming self-doubt and developing inner strength.
  • Miss Metrocint General Insurance Co. Ltd- encourages women in business
  • Miss GECCU- Azanie Lavia drives support for families affected by cancer.
  • Miss Mustique Company Ltd. Criscione Morgan advocates empowerment through education.
  • Miss Lotto- Shellisa Nanton is the voice against bullying.
  • Miss Massy Stores SVG Ltd.- Morrissia Williams promotes the discovery of and appreciation for individual talents.

The Miss SVG Pageant takes place on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 at Carnival City, Victoria Park.