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Upcoming Mas Bands Launch

AHDRENALIN CARNIVAL Presentation: PECCATUM Thursday 29th March, 2018, Live Streaming on Facebook: Ahdrenalin Carnival and Instagram: ahdrenalincarnival   SVG PLAYERS INTERNATIONAL MAS BAND Presentation: LEGENDS OF SOCA MONARCH Media Launch: Wednesday 4th April, 2018 at the Peace Memorial Hall from 5 pm Band Launch: Saturday 7th April, 2018 at the Mas Camp located in Frenches […]

Shenton Coffee Farms Miss SVG Empowerment Campaign 2018

Junior Soca Results

JUNIOR CALYPSO – PRIMARY SCHOOL Name of student School Title of Song  Position Kristian ‘Lil Kris’ Christopher Layou Government Celebrating 40 years 1st Ziel ‘Singing Ziel’ Cain New Prospect Primary Clean up the country 2nd Jontial ‘De man Jon-T’ Burke Paradise Primary Fishing line 3rd JUNIOR CALYPSO – SECONDARY SCHOOL Name of student School Title […]

Upcoming Mas Bands Launch

Junior Carnival Results

The Carnival Development Corporation would like to announce the winners from http://buyantibioticsonline.org the Junior Carnival Competition held on Saturday 1st July 2017 INDIVIDUALS 5-9 MAS BAND PORTRAYAL POSITION BMC Amerijet Magic 103.7 FM Blondie Bird & Friends   1st SVG Players International Mas Band Alien Intelligence 2nd Digicel Nelson Bloc Warrior Princes 3rd BMC Amerijet […]

Upcoming Mas Bands Launch

Junior Carnival July 1st – Mas Bands – Junior Queen – Junior King – Sections

Mas bands participating in Junior Carnival 2017: BMC Amerijet Magic 103.7 FM Blondie Bird & Friends- “ It is what it is” Melbourne Artisans- “ See One…..See All” Imagination Mas Band- “ Social Media” Tribes Mas Band- “ Flash Back- The Journey of Tribes” Xtreme Fanatics SVG- “ For the Love of Carnival” Metrocint High […]

Upcoming Mas Bands Launch

Calypso Semifinalists

  The following Calypsonians have been selected from the Calypso Semifinals to compete in the Calypso Finals scheduled for Sunday 9th July, 2017 at the Victoria Park commencing at 8:00 pm. Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams Roberts ‘Patches’ King Lornette ‘Fyah Empress’ Nedd Glenroy ‘Sulle’ Ceasar Joanna Christopher Shaunelle Mc Kenzie Shena Collis Glenford ‘Azarah’ Charles Cecile […]

Upcoming Mas Bands Launch