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Road March

Year Name of Song Performer (s) 1971 Sweeeter that this Lord Hawke (Lloyd Providence) 1972 Oupane Lord Hawke (Lloyd Providence) 1973 Ding Dong Lord Hawke (Lloyd Providence) 1974 The Puppy Mighty Toiler (Quintyn Toby) 1975 Leggo ME Hand Mighty Gringo (Eardley Bennett) 1976 Largo Heights Busy Heights King Brooklyn (Errol Dublin) 1977 Don’t Lock me […]

Vincy Mas 2019 Results

Miss SVG (1951 – 2015)

Year Name of Queen 1983 Sherill Barnwell 1951 Audrey Hazell (First Queen) 1984 Donna Young 1952 Jean Isaacs 1985 Fay – Kathlyn Roberts 1953 Pamela Dopwell 1986 Mandy Haydock 1954 Agnes Veira 1987 Nichole Hadaway 1955 Maureen Lawrence 1988 Judy Charles 1956 Fleur Cox 1989 Susan Bennett 1957 Marcelle Antrobus 1990 Samantha Robertson 1958 Cecile […]

Road March

Queen of the Bands

Year Name Portrayal Band 1965 Joan Gonsalves Queen of the Estrucans Mighty River States (W. Samuel) 1966 Gloria Bacchus Mirage in a night sky Journey through the Orient (Bridge Boys) 1967 Stephaine Wilson Goddess of the Aztec Empire Epic of the Aztec Empire (R. Ralph) 1968 Norma Chambers Dove Goddess of Crete Minoan Era of […]

Road March

Panorama Champs

Year Pan Champs Captain Year Pan Champs Captain 1962 Police Steel Orchestra Lester Bacchus 1990 Starlift Steel Orchestra Roddy Dowers 1963 Police Steel Orchestra Lester Bacchus 1991 No competition 1964 Police Steel Orchestra Lester Bacchus 1992 Starlift Steel Orchestra Roddy Dowers 1965 Esso Engro Steel Orchestra Leroy Clarke 1993 Hairoun Bishop Steel Orchestra David Wilson […]

Road March