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Vincy Mas 40 – A Synopsis


This year marks forty (40) years since carnival celebrations was moved from the Pre-Lenten February or March period to the mid-year June –July festival. There is a saying that “Life begins at Forty” and the staging of EVO 4.0 party on Friday 7th July 2017, is meant to emphasize the significance of this occasion.


In keeping with the Fortieth (40th) Anniversary of Vincy Mas, celebrations began earlier than usual. In February and March special tribute was paid to the Calypso and Soca artistes and Music bands who made invaluable contributions to the development of Vincy Mas over the past forty (40) years. The ‘All Stars Show’ and ‘Clash of the Bands’ were nostalgic reminders of dominant events which featured during the decades of the 1980s and 1990s respectively.


The Show ‘Re-Union’ staged during the Easterval celebration on the Grenadine Island of Union not only demonstrated the oneness of our multi-island state; it highlighted the rise of Soca music and its tremendous complement to the overall success of Vincy Mas in recent times. These early pre-carnival events set the stage for that which is to come.


The 40th Anniversary of Vincy Mas was officially launched on Saturday 6th May, 2017 at Carnival City, Victoria Park after a grand celebration parade from the Kingstown Cruise Ship Terminal featuring the components of Carnival including Steel band, Calypso and Soca music, Beauty Pageantry and Masquerade. It was a spirited, joyous and splendid celebration train.

The 2017 version of Miss St. Vincent and the Grenadines (MISS SVG) Pageant is the first grand onstage event of the 40th Anniversary. Carnival City, Victoria Park is where it all happens and at the end of it all, one of the seven (7) contesting delegates will be crowned Miss SVG 2017 on Saturday 3rd June. This Pageant possesses a unique excitement and expectation in keeping with its keenly competitive nature and attraction.


Come Saturday 24th June, 2017, Vincentian Soca artistes will compete to secure a ‘Boarding Pass’ to the Ragga Soca and Soca Monarch Finals on Saturday 8th July, 2017. This will be the last pre-carnival event.

The 40th Anniversary Vincy Mas celebrations officially begins on Friday 30th June, 2017 at Carnival City Victoria Park featuring an introductory historical overview (1977 – 2017) and the National Calypso Monarch Semi-finals as Calypsonians battle to reach the final hurdle on the road to the Monarchy.

The three (3) Junior Shows will thereafter take center stage on Saturday 1st July, Sunday 2nd July and Tuesday 4th July with the Junior Carnival, Junior Panorama and Junior Calypso/Soca Monarch Shows respectively. The junior events are for children active in the Masquerade, Steel band music and Calypso and Soca art forms and are all competitions. The youngsters have the opportunity to display their respective talents and abilities in the main components of Carnival.


Steel and Glitter will highlight the best in musical Steel Pan supremacy and Masquerade splendor on Thursday July 6th, paving the way for the Dimanche Gras Show on Sunday 9th July, 2017.  Dimanche Gras is a veritable night of finals when the Calypso Monarch is crowned and the King and Queen of the Mas Bands are decided following the preliminaries and semifinals stages held during the season.


Carnival Monday on 10th July displays the early morning J’ouvert celebrations followed in the afternoon with the T-shirted Street Party mainly advertising Bands full of fun and frolic.


The best is saved for the climax of Vincy Mas. Tuesday 11th July, 2017 will witness a massive outpouring of Costume Bands with thousands of Masqueraders in all their glory, splendor and magnificence. These Mas Bands encompass the artistry and fantastic presentations of our designers and ennoble the Vincentian Carnival culture. Twelve (12) Costume Bands are in a fight for supremacy and Vincy Mas premiere prize, that of Band of the Year. A spectacle of unimaginable artistic freedom and blend of colors not surpassed anywhere else; Mardi Gras 2017 will be a fitting climatic event to 40 years of Vincy Mas in June – July.


Carnival in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has had a glorious past stemming from the early post slavery years. In 1872, the colonial government banned the celebration complaining that the “lower orders dressed in fantastic attire with sticks or whips with which they struck at passersby.”


In 1879, the Vincentian masses rebelled against the ban and thus wrote the famous “carnival riots” into the history annals of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Since then, the Festival became an annual event and as time went on gained respectability among all sectors of the Vincentian society. Early in the twentieth century, the festival was presided over by His Honour the Administrator with the main Carnival Tuesday Pageant taking place at the Botanical Gardens, not far from his official residence.


Carnival has evolved over the decades going through change and development with the passage of time. At the ardent of adult suffrage cymbalta buy online usa in 1951, the people’s representatives newly elected, entrusted the organizing of Carnival celebrations to the Kingstown Town Board. In 1962, the healthlibr.com Junior Chamber (Jaycees) took over management of the Festival which they relinquished after the 1972 celebrations. That decade saw progressive developments for which the Jaycees must be complimented.

In September 1972, a Carnival Development Committee (CDC) was established under the Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Culture. It was the CDC which on 19th November 1976, under the Chairmanship of Bertram ‘Molly’ Arthur who took the decision to make the momentous change whereas known from June – July 1977 witnessed the celebration of what is today, VINCY MAS.


In 2002 the Carnival Development Corporation was established by an act of Parliament, giving the body the mandate to organize, promote, conduct and control the operation and management of carnival of the state.  The Carnival Development Corporation has since branded Vincy Mas “The Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean.”